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Strategic Asset Allocation with Family Companies and Single Family Offices (SFO) 

Die Herausforderung

Goal and Motivation: support an ideal asset allocation

  • SSF is a network of reputable family companies, relevant Start-up´s and SFO. Goal is to encourage a discrete exchange, identify and actively develop strategic partnerships and consortia with focus on off-market investments, verified by peers. 

  • With both, family entrepreneurs and SFO we support which Asset Allocation is the most suitable and which partners deliver the most value to cooperate with  

  • Todays business environment poses challenges. Own business models are subject to intense competition, particularly from disruptive start-ups. Also, unique strategic opportunities and emerging innovation offer the potential to create new markets quickly and add value to society, especially in the Corona crisis

  • For family companies these are opportunity-rich times in establishing strategic alliances and acquire equity interests in fast-growing young and established companies. For SFO we see interesting opportunities in Real Estate, Equity, Growth Capital and Renewables

  • As family entrepreneurs we are well prepared to secure lucrative deals if we coordinate actions, consult the best sources for "off-the-radar" deals and consider to form alliances, by investing alone or collectively

The challenge

Our Added Value

example cases

  • We are entrepreneurs, have run and invested in companies. We can be short or long-term advisors and co-investors. We are partners to support growth and the expansion of foreign companies and PE-companies into D/A/CH region. We can provide direct investment know-how, screening and transaction support via partners - although we are not an M&A advisory 

  • We support in connecting to strategic partners, techhubs and SFO to optimize asset allocation, e.g. syndicated investment in a vertical or technology; invest collectively into a new business unit ("adjacencies")

  • Support sales: Connect to international family entrepreneurs, identify and acquire relevant B2C-Shops from Platforms like Amazon (FBA-Powerseller)

  • Development of consolidation strategies: e.g. sector of recurring maintenance for fire fighting, security products (extinguishers, doors, smoke detectors)

  • SFO open their investment strategy 1:1 to Third Parties (shares, fixed income, renewables, real estate)

  • Our approach is not scalable and we therefore only engage if we can add value

  • We can take on risk in set-ups and can take non-exec positions to follow up on investments 

  • We offer a basis to broaden our loose circle of like-minded entrepreneurs, family companies and SFOs to maintain a dialogue on latest technology developments and possible Club Deals

Background and Initiator 

Bild Stephan.png


* GLORIA fire extinguishers, H. Schulte-Frankenfeld GmbH & Co. KG, sold to Kidde plc London (today United Technologies, USA). 

Stephan is an independent entrepreneur with background in finance. He was a member of the board of his own German family* business, and created activities in the US, the UK and a subsidiary in Spain from scratch where he lived. Long before the business was sold, it had achieved a 50% market share in Germany with 600 employees.

Following the successful completion of the transaction and integration, Stephan set up his own network of Innovation Hubs, Family Offices, PE and VC companies in various countries, and has passionately since been supporting family companies in relation to partnerships and M&A activities with both young and established growth companies. 

Stephan´s passion is to develop off-the-radar "deals". He has direct access to shareholders and managing directors of leading family businesses, family offices, and also some larger corporates in DACH-region. He can take on risk, acts as direct contact for his partners, also helping to onboard consultants such as industry, - M&A experts, lawyers and auditors.


Use cases

Single Family Office is looking for co-investment opportunity in a relevant start-up supporting their strategy


To enter into a strategically valuable investment for the current portfolio, addressing challenges regarding digitization.


Identify opportunities in the venture capital landscape in the DACH region; bring 'off-the-radar' deals to the table; contact key people; outline a possible deal structure and set-up (no tax advisory); involve and select advisors; push founders and venture capitalists for deal access. 

Corporate in the construction industry is looking for additional partnering opportunities in Europe



International growth; access to new technologies and business models. Reach out to partners for cooperations.



reach out to possible strategic partners at owner's level; scout investive opportunities; consult other entrepreneurs to support informally; propose deals and connect to current shareholders; onboard co-investors from Single Family Office sector; recommend lawyers and auditors for deal structure; follow-up support as non-executive board member (industry expert)


Success! Message received.

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